Our team is highly trained, extremely motivated, and takes great pride in their work.

THE COMPANY Who are we?

25+ Years helping to protect assets and save lives

Who are we?One of our main goals, as a company, is to be customer-oriented while providing excellent service. Prime Fire Protection has evolved into great relations, better defined as business synergy in today's marketplace. We understand that service quality is essential to satisfy our customers' needs. This awareness has been our winning recipe, and it goes along with having a Model of Excellence in every actual level of our company to help us achieve it. Moreover, compliance with these goals for more than 25 years has positioned us in a superior market standing. And these achievements are based on providing viable and genuine solutions time after time.

The fact that: through the years, we have succeeded in the recruitment of smart and motivated personnel; has enabled us to develop the capability, structure, and necessary resources to give us the edge to complete our mission. In order to meet market standards effectively, we constantly dedicate ourselves to the endless effort of achieving total quality in all our endeavors.